Pink Punters

Colourful music surround the lights
Wonderful and beautiful bodies around the lights
At peace with each passing moments drifting by
Hours never seem to pass by
At least that’s what we know

Sobriety comes and here we go
How could I be so foolish to let this go?
Going so high to now so low

How wonderful, the effects of alcohol



Beneath the surface, there’s more

Beneath the surface, we’re lost

Beneath the surface, way we go

Beneath the surface, listen more

Beneath the surface, young and old

Beneath it, are experiences we shall never let go


Titles don’t make it real…
Pictures don’t mean you are happy…
Money doesn’t prove your worth…
Love sometimes elusive…
Happiness always fleeting…

consciousness tethered to what’s real…


Sail… sail on… sailed on

Would you rather sail on, where everything you know you leave behind…

Sailed on where everyone you know leaves you behind…


Be the tides who control the direction of the current where those you leave and who leave you behind will forever remain true to the depths of your ocean, always finding a way to come back and find them…


Last night, I watched a sci-fi romantic movie, something out of the norm for me as I mainly watch thriller and comedy movies, but flicking through the channels and finding nothing worthy for my boredom, I decided to stay and watch her. Part of me … Continue reading Her