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Love isn’t free when you’re someone like me,

All I want is for people to see me for me

Not by what is projected directly straight into what they see

Yes, that is a part of me, but not wholesomely which is what they choose to see

What is there deep in my thought, my intentions and my convictions are somewhat blinded by shallow persuasions

Inflicted by the wrath of countless shallow realities,

Drunk on so many it becomes a foundation for what is an absolute deprivation

Deplete my courage, deplete my soul

What’s left is an unwavering call

via Daily Prompt: Deplete



Actors all around me wanting to feel right…
Wanting to see clear…
Wanting to hear and feel…
But what if those who play at this game, end up playing what’s real?

Why play such a game when you’re wondering,
Where it would lead?

Flight of feelings
Only leads to
Crashing courses

Fabled perceptions of reality
Eventually, takes over your senses

Ask yourself again
Is it real?


How many times do we delude ourselves to the illusion of magic?
How many times are we using magic?
All the time spent living under magic?

This is how some get notorious
Magic in delusions of grandeur
Magic in the gratification of fabrications
Impressions of happiness engulfed in magic
Only making others fail to see what’s real,
exacerbating what not to feel

Beautiful Magic,

Beautiful Magicians,
I know you’re lying

Beautiful bane,
I can feel your power

The reflection of life,
sometimes not so ideal
Is that why magic exist?

Capering Alive

Capering through this motionless night
How in the world of others they play so nonchalant

But there’s us
out and about powerful and inspired

I jump so high, we have it fine
If only every day we feel this fine
If only every day we feel we’re good to love

Let’s caper through the city lights
Dance like children lost in the skies
Tonight we come alive



closing doors leads to falling corpse
Falling corpse contribute to major heartaches
Heartaches turn the beautiful to its opposite
The world is now at its opposite

Reborn and you open it
The world preceding back to the opposite
Beautiful magic… how you plead for its empty core
Corpse upon corpse

Vicious cycle never cinematic

Pink Punters

Colourful music surround the lights
Wonderful and beautiful bodies around the lights
At peace with each passing moments drifting by
Hours never seem to pass by
At least that’s what we know

Sobriety comes and here we go
How could I be so foolish to let this go?
Going so high to now so low

How wonderful, the effects of alcohol


Beneath the surface, there’s more

Beneath the surface, we’re lost

Beneath the surface, way we go

Beneath the surface, listen more

Beneath the surface, young and old

Beneath it, are experiences we shall never let go